Stir up your marketing team and yourself to grow personally and professionally with speaking and training sessions led by the seasoned marketing professionals at StructureM.

Teaching You Can Count On

You and your team members want to do well. In fact, you can probably point to the many ways in which you do your best to execute your marketing strategy with confidence and take pride in the results you’re achieving. But there’s always something new to learn in the marketing world. At StructureM, our team is well-trained, experienced and up-to-date on the latest world-class marketing approaches, and we are passionate about sharing our expertise with marketers like yourself so you can grow and be more successful every day.

Our Most Popular Speaking and Training Topics

We focus on online marketing training that shares proven techniques that help you and your marketing team grow. And we offer speaking and teaching sessions in many areas, including:

Business Growth Strategies

Discover effective methods for finding new customers and opportunities for business growth. We teach marketing techniques that:

  • Effectively attract your ideal clients
  • Differentiate your company from competitors
  • Build authority and expertise for your company in its niche

Marketing Strategies

Learn how to share your marketing message effectively so you can stand out in a crowded marketplace by:

  • Connecting your brand across media channels
  • Targeting different market segments
  • Clarifying your brand messaging for maximum impact
  • Quantifying results in a way that makes sense for you

Custom Presentations

Whatever your needs, we can create a specialized presentation for your marketing team on a variety of topics that can help you experience greater success achieving your marketing goals, including:

  • Eliminating inconsistent marketing and sales approaches
  • Unifying your marketing team for greater success
  • Achieving and maintaining momentum
  • The art of persuasion
  • SEO and other online marketing strategies
  • And more

Speaking and Teaching Tailored to You

We can tailor our sessions for the environment you find most effective:

  • Small groups
  • Large groups
  • Roundtable workshops
  • Traditional classrooms
  • One-on-one coaching

Get Started Today

We excel in teaching marketers how to refine marketing strategies, set clear goals and implement winning techniques. Just ask our clients! They love what they learn as we partner with them, listen to their needs and develop targeted answers to their pressing questions. Contact us today to learn more about speaking and training sessions tailored for you and your marketing team. Get started. Download the free Quick Assessment Guide.

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