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Clarify your message so people will listen.

Is Your Company Getting Lost in All The Noise?

Many businesses are trying to be clever, but aren’t clear. But since customers are getting bombarded with over 3000 marketing messages each day, they just wind up getting lost in all the noise. Our entire team is trained and experienced in effective brand messaging so you can understand what customers are looking for and tell your story in such a way people listen. When your message is clear and compelling, all your marketing projects become more effective and your business will grow.



Clarify Your
Message Package

Most companies waste enormous amounts of money on marketing because they don’t have a clear message. This brand message package will help you get crystal clear on what your company should be saying so people will listen.

  • Customer Profile
    Understand your ideal customer- their challenges, fears, questions, success criteria, and why they really buy.
  • Brand Script
    Most companies have one overarching brand script at least one important customer segment that requires specific messaging.
  • Brand Narrative
    Turn each brand script into a conversational piece that can be used in emails, phone scripts, website copy, and more.
  • One Liner
    Give your team a powerful, concise statement they can use to clearly explain what your company offers.
  • Execution Guide
    Get a checklist that outlines where and how you can use your clear messaging to revolutionize your marketing collateral and your organization.

Typical 2-week delivery


Businesses that develop a brandscript often struggle to effectively implement it. This package takes your message and puts it to work so your business can grow. It includes everything in the Clarify Your Message Package, plus:

  • Website Wireframe
    Most websites don’t convert browsers to buyers. We’ll help you build a website that actually works.
  • Lead Generating PDF
    Nobody wants your newsletter. Instead, give customers the valuable information they want to make the right decision.
  • Email Nurturing Campaign
    Many people are just not ready to buy- yet. An effective email campaign nurtures them along their “Buyer’s Journey”.
  • Sales Letter
    People buy products or services because of words they read that make them want to buy. A well-crafted sales letter help you seal the deal.
  • Customer Testimonials
    Most companies use testimonials in a way that isn’t helpful. Strengthen your message with testimonials that are powerful and effective.

Typical 3-month process

Clarify Your Message +
Website Wireframe

If you already have someone to design and build your website but need to make sure it actually makes you money, then a wireframe is the answer. First, we’ll walk you through the Clarify Your Message process (see above) to make sure your message is clear and on-point. Then we’ll create a website homepage wireframe that uses your awesome marketing message.

You’ll be able to hand your wireframe to a designer or web developer and feel confident that you’re using the words people need to read in order to buy.

Typical 2-week delivery

Brand Message

Have you read books about marketing? Maybe you’ve even taken an online course or attended a workshop but you’re not sure you’re doing it right.

The StructureM team has helped hundreds of organizations clarify their message and feel confident that they’re getting it right. Plus, as a digital marketing agency, we can show you how to use the great messaging with your social media, website, email marketing campaigns, etc.

1-hour call
Let's Talk
Elizabeth Sable, Action Builders
"StructureM is a fantastic company. They have accomplished more with my website and customer messaging than my previous company did in five+ years. I can't say enough good things about this company and the work they do."
Elizabeth Sable, Action Builders