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Get flexibility and transparency from your marketing investment.

3 Reasons Our Clients Love Point Pricing

1. Flexibility

StructureM offers point pricing because it gives our clients the ability to adapt to challenges as they arise. As we plan out your marketing each month and quarter, your investment gets applied to the projects that are going to drive the most important results.

Need an email drip campaign that promotes a special offer? How about new web page featuring a new product? We’ll simply allocate points from your monthly budget to knock out projects as they come up.

Marketing is not set-it-and-forget-it. As needs arise, the marketing team at StructureM will help you get the job done.


"StructureM’s marketing plan helped me increase sales 25% year over year"

Greg Bednarski President, Siding & Windows Group

2. Transparency

Have you ever wondered exactly where your marketing dollars are going? Many marketing agencies operate like a black box. You just don’t know what is really going on inside.

At StructureM, we provide a detailed dashboard that shows you specifically where your investment is being leveraged, both beforehand (during planning) and after the fact (month-end reporting).

You won’t have to worry that valuable resources are being wasted on unimportant activities.

Plus, Points are $10 each. No crazy math. Just a simple way to provide value and transparency.

Jonathan Drew, Refined Exteriors

"The team at StructureM has done a great job for us over the past couple years. From a full website rebuild to continuing to manage our marketing with regular updates and continued success. I would recommend them to anyone."

Jonathan Drew, Refined Exteriors

3. Value

Many marketing agencies charge by the hour. The longer it takes them to complete a project, the more you pay.

That seems like a conflict of interest.

At StructureM, you pay for the value that’s being created, not our learning curve, the time it takes a senior team member to review a junior’s work, or any other inefficiencies that may be present. Regardless of how long it takes, you pay for the value.

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