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Getting distracted with all of the changes in marketing is easy to do. That's why we focus on doing the marketing that matters most for local business really well. We'll help you fill in the blanks and create and effective and efficient marketing plan built for growth.

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A comprehensive digital marketing strategy consists of a variety of specific marketing services targeted to work together and facilitate long-term consistent growth.

Many companies have much-needed products and services, yet lack the digital marketing strategy and systems designed to connect their products and services to new leads. StructureM partners with clients—from startup companies to billion dollar brands—to simplify their marketing, align their teams, and connect with ideal customers.


StructureM provides comprehensive digital marketing services. From website development to digital advertising and marketing management, we structure your marketing intentionally to produce the finest results for your company.

Message – StructureM helps you define and communicate your marketing message. Creating a successful marketing message means telling your story to potential consumers in a clear and concise way, while focusing on the consumer’s needs. We help you accomplish this by evaluating your target audience’s needs, identifying the way your company provides solutions, and setting up a simple way for customers to take action.

Website - A website is twofold, benefiting both your consumers and your brand itself. A well-designed website provides potential consumers with easy access to answers and allows them to interact with your brand anytime, anyplace. As a company, a well-equipped website enhances your credibility, tracks customer interaction, and allows you to gather contact information from interested clients.

SEO - We understand that search engine optimization may sound overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be. We simplify your online marketing presence and make it less intimidating for you. StructureM provides the research and strategy that goes into creating great search engine optimization. We create premium writing content, and our strategic approach to all content helps broaden your exposure to users through search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Reputation – StructureM understands that in business and marketing, your company’s digital reputation is everything. Solid online reputation management is essential to building a reputable brand name. Potential consumers place considerable confidence in what others say about your business. Therefore, having positive online reviews on key websites can help increase your market share and positively affect your search engine optimization.

Social Media – StructureM implements effective social media campaigns that will reach prospective clients and increase engagement with existing members. Our team of marketing experts will take your social platforms from a mere array of posts and pictures to an interactive hub and community of trust.

Digital Advertising - StructureM develops customized digital advertising strategies to help you experience ideal outcomes and optimize your marketing investment. We’re here to help you to not only connect with solid leads, but also distribute more products and services as a result of our partnership. We provide digital advertising including PPC Advertising, Google Adwords, and Facebook ads.

Marketing Measurement – PPC Advertising provides key performance indicators including the number of leads, cost per lead, conversion rates, and cost per acquisition. PPC Advertising helps companies reach targeted audiences at the right time with targeted ads, shows accurate results quickly, and informs us on how particular keywords are converting well.

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