It shouldn’t be difficult or overly complicated to build an SEO strategy that results in high search engine rankings, greater connection with potential leads and ultimately, marketing success for you and your team.

At Its Heart, SEO Is Simpler than You Might Realize

Though many marketers become stressed at the mere thought of search engine optimization, StructureM can ease the process of implementing SEO that works for your specific marketing goals. Effective SEO accomplishes three key factors for your Internet marketing strategy. These three metrics must drive your approach to search engine optimization:

1. Relevance

Proper page relevance makes your website searchable within your business niche. Through the proper use of on-page SEO, your site is made relevant in searches using specific key words or topics.

2. Visibility

Visibility means that your website and business are easily seen by both current and potential clients. Proper utilization of SEO strategies will make your domain name more prominent on the web, opening the door to more marketing wins.

3. Authority

SEO authority compares how your site ranks against competing sites. Through proper strategizing of local and off-page SEO, your page can rank higher than your competitors, making you an authority in your industry.

How StructureM Can Help

We understand that search engine optimization may sound overwhelming, especially when you’re already focused on accomplishing many other vital marketing goals. We can streamline your online marketing presence so that you feel confident you have SEO designed to produce results. StructureM takes responsibility for the research and strategy involved with creating great search engine optimization, while providing you with an understanding of effective SEO and all of its jargon.

We will help you create premium online content that utilizes effective SEO techniques. Our strategic approach to content helps both users and search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing love your site.

On-Page SEO

Dozens of factors play into a properly optimized website, and we want your on-page SEO to be top notch. To maximize your optimization, here are a few of the key areas StructureM evaluates:

  • Robots.txt
  • Page loading speed
  • Cache settings
  • Content
  • Content structure
  • Internal linking structure
  • URLs
  • Page Titles
  • H1 and H2 tags
  • Keywords
  • Images
  • Crawl errors (404, etc.)
  • Sitemaps

Often, simply correcting and attending to these issues causes significant improvements in ranking.

Off-Page SEO

Nearly two-thirds of your ability to rank well in search engines depends on what happens outside of your website. Do other websites know about you? Are you mentioned anywhere else online? We call this off-page SEO, and it increases your website’s visibility to those needing your services. Here are just a few of the many factors involved in off-page SEO:

  • Proper links from the right kind of sites
  • Geographic relevance
  • Social media activity
  • Citations


Local SEO is a category of its own, requiring time and effort to make your business rank well in a localized search, which is essential to executing a successful marketing plan. Through a variety of factors including the proper placement of your address and phone number on site pages, a compilation of local reviews online and links to other local businesses and locations, our team will get your site desirable results in local rankings.

Does enhancing your search engine optimization really work? Yes! And we’ll consistently provide verified, third-party reports showing how our on-page, off-page, and local SEO work is helping grow your business. At StructureM, we adhere to Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, not employing any risky, black-hat techniques, because your long-term marketing success is what’s important to us.

Don’t let your web presence get lost in the crowd. Make your website stand out.

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