Overcome the frustration of overly complicated digital advertising and rise above the noise in today’s attention economy with marketing goals that produce a quantifiable return on investment. StructureM, a digital marketing agency, partners with marketing managers and their teams to provide advertising solutions that work.

Why Partner with StructureM for Your Digital Advertising Needs?

As a marketing manager, you have a variety of marketing goals to accomplish, sometimes with limited resources, a lack of time or a lean personnel team. StructureM helps you gain success with your marketing plan by developing customized digital advertising strategies that optimize your marketing investment and help your company be found, heard and trusted. We’re here to help your company connect with solid leads, as well as distribute more products and services as a result of our partnership. We provide digital advertising solutions including:

  • PPC Advertising
  • Google Adwords advertising
  • Facebook ads

Partner with StructureM to simplify your marketing plan and develop a streamlined, customized, results-producing marketing strategy that makes you the marketing hero of your company.

What is PPC Advertising?

Do you want to jump-start online lead generation and dominate first-page visibility instantly? A pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaign managed by StructureM may be just the thing you need to hit your marketing goals. PPC advertising plays a valuable role in your overall online marketing plan. StructureM creates and manages monthly PPC campaigns for all types of businesses. PPC advertising:

  • Aligns with your overall marketing strategy.
  • Targets your company’s ideal demographic.
  • Connects leads to customized landing pages to increase conversions

The Benefits of a Managed PPC Advertising Campaign

Reach your company’s target audience at the right time with targeted ads that keep you on track to achieving success with your marketing plan.

  • Set PPC budgets to meet your marketing needs.
  • Pay only when interested parties click.
  • PPC advertising shows accurate results quickly, unlike organic searches.
  • PPC advertising data informs us if particular keywords are converting well.

We recommend that PPC campaigns run in conjunction with special offers or promotions.

Pay-per-click is a proven method for many businesses. StructureM utilizes only the most elite tools to set the stage for your marketing plan to produce increased profits from PPC advertising efforts. Your business should have a unique strategy — which is something we firmly believe in, particularly if you are using PPC advertising as a vital factor in your long-term marketing plans. Every business is different and can’t be guaranteed success if using the same marketing strategy as everyone else. That’s why we develop a unique strategy to fit your specific marketing needs.

Google Adwords Advertising

Adwords Advertising is an effective way to reach potential clients and poise your company for steady growth. Through Adwords advertising, your company can reach people when they search for your products and services online. Adwords advertising increases your business’s website traffic as well as consumer awareness of the products and services you offer, increasing ROI. We can assist you in determining the most effective way to make Google Adwords advertising a clear and easy-to-implement part of your marketing plans.

Facebook Advertising

Advertising on Facebook captures the attention of new customers and produces sought-after marketing results that you can count on. Facebook ads secure broad visibility to additional leads and catch the attention of a diverse audience.

StructureM can set up all your strategic digital advertising solutions and lay the groundwork for a more successful marketing plan, leading to long-term bottom-line growth. Get started!

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