StructureM’s expert team of marketing specialists will poise you for long-term success with a marketing plan that gives you confidence. Our simple plan for marketing measurement provides intentional focus, clarity and structure, which will allow your marketing team to garner momentum as you pursue leads, sales and future customers.

Marketing Measurement Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult

You don’t have to be an expert in marketing measurement to execute a successful marketing plan. StructureM can make the measurement process transparent and easy to grasp by defining terms for you, advising you on what techniques can improve ROI for your specific marketing goals and much more.

Key Performance Indicators that Align with Your Marketing Plans

To ensure you achieve the optimal results from your marketing plan, we assist you in defining and evaluating key performance indicators specifically geared toward your business. PPC advertising and marketing measurement provide key performance indicators such as:

  • Number of leads
  • Cost per lead
  • Conversion rates
  • Cost per acquisition

What Sets StructureM Apart from Other Businesses?

We position you for marketing success with a reliable, easy-to-implement approach you can be confident will align clearly with your marketing needs. We offer you:

  • A proven marketing framework that supports your business’s bottom-line
  • A team of people who care about seeing you become a marketing hero
  • Many success stories from our clients — marketers just like you
  • Our commitment to loyally serve our clients and their marketing goals

How the StructureM 7-Block Marketing Framework Drives Marketing Success

At StructureM, we simplify the process of marketing so you, as a marketing manager or director, can focus on running your marketing team and pursuing an effective marketing plan that yields strong ROI for your business. We team up with you by stepping in with a proven framework, which includes:

Do you desire to improve your marketing plan, increase your business’s bottom line and see long-term results, yet lack the time, personnel or knowledge to execute measurable marketing goals? StructureM knows what it’s like to grow a business and has helped hundreds of marketing leaders achieve their goals.

Refine your marketing plan. Increase your return on investment. Discover how our team can help you streamline and simplify your marketing so your business can experience strong, reliable bottom-line results.

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