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Why Online Reputation Management Is Important

In business and marketing, your company’s reputation is everything. Having solid online reputation management is essential to building a reputable brand name, which promotes success for all of your marketing goals.

Have you dealt with some of these common problems?

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You can’t seem to get clients to leave reviews

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The reviews you have do not reflect your business accurately

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You don’t know how to go about asking clients for reviews

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You don’t understand why reviews are so important; shouldn’t your product/service speak for itself?

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You don’t have time to be chasing down reviews

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You don’t know where to begin the process of gathering reviews

No matter how long your company has been in business, you are now conducting commerce in the digital age. This means most interactions with your company occur online — through your website, review sites, social media and a variety of other outlets. Maintaining a positive presence online is therefore a necessity for the success and growth of your company, and it needs to be a developed, intentional element in your marketing plans.

You Are No Better Than Your Last Review

Potential consumers place considerable confidence in what others say about your business. Therefore, having positive online reviews on key websites can help increase your market share and positively affect your search engine optimization.

Digital reputation management strategy graphic

Digital Reputation Management Strategy

Because poor digital reputation management can affect sales as well as positive customer interaction online, StructureM is dedicated to helping your online reputation grow. We can help you create a positive digital reputation management strategy and gain more business for your company without draining your marketing team’s resources by:

  • Creating and optimizing listings of your business on key review websites
  • Monitoring brand mentioning across the Internet
  • Facilitating the collection of positive reviews
  • Assisting in dealing with negative reviews
Graphic with Google Reviews

Why a Review Gathering Strategy Is Crucial for Your Marketing Plan

No one more trustworthy and reliable exists to influence prospective clients than your former clients. Positive reviews from former clients provide one of the most effective ways to implement positive online reputation management. Our highly intentional and systematic review collection process has an enormous effect on your company’s digital reputation. We seek to garner as many positive reviews as possible on a variety of key websites — including your own. Gathering positive support on prominent sites will shed good light on your brand and enhance your SEO, yielding more marketing wins.

Monitor and Engage Customer Feedback Graphic

Review Posting and Monitoring

From your company’s website and social media pages to review sites like Yelp and even Amazon — customers, satisfied or disgruntled, can leave their thoughts concerning your brand on a variety of platforms across the Internet. Leave our team with the responsibility of monitoring such reviews and brand mentions so you and your marketing team can focus, with confidence, on other marketing tasks. We expect positive reviews, yet we are ready to handle online criticisms with prompt and optimistic responses. Let us maintain your positive online reputation.

So whether your company’s marketing plan for digital reputation management has proven to be marginal, negative, ineffective, or nonexistent, let us help get it moving in the right direction.

Infographic describing the various layers of StructureM marketing strategies

Structure M is a top quality company that will promote your company and show it in the best possible way!

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