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A Clear, Forward-Focused Plan

Consistently growing your business online is no accident. It’s the result of a clearly defined, savvy digital strategy that helps you keep your business’s end goals in mind, without draining your resources.

Many companies don't know where to start and so struggle with:

Undefined goals and objectives

No time to devote to figuring out a marketing strategy that works

Lack of knowledge when it comes to digital marketing

Lack of manpower to run with marketing objectives

Frustration with current marketing producing no results

No clear path forward to get results


Fortunately, you don’t need a complicated, hard-to-implement online marketing strategy. As you partner with StructureM, we guide you in designing a laser-focused, resource-conscious approach to your online presence, which yields strong results for your company’s bottom line.

StructureM helps you build a results-driven strategy.

Discover our proven techniques and practices that give your business a strong online footprint

Drive Digital Strategy - Get Straightforward Results

What makes a digital strategy work? You need a carefully crafted blend of strong content, eye-catching web design, search engine optimization, and a user-friendly website that makes it easy to convert visitors into customers.

StructureM helps you build that strategy with proven techniques and practices that give your business a strong online footprint such as:

  • Keyword strategy — We target every element of your content, including HTML, URL structure and much more, to optimize your organic search results.
  • Site map planning — The right organization of your website’s pages can improve SEO results, give users a better experience, and achieve your business’s internal goals.
  • Close collaboration — Our team works closely with you to ensure you have an online presence that effectively markets your business in a way that fits your goals, personality and company culture.
  • Expert design and content — Our graphics and copywriting staff are pros at making your business stand out in a digital marketplace.


Digital Marketing Consulting

Craft a Digital Marketing Strategy You Can Be Proud Of

Whether you’re experienced with online marketing or still growing your expertise, StructureM can give you the tools and plans for success. Let us help you develop an online strategy that gives you confidence and produces results that make your company shine.

Digital Marketing Strategy Consulting
The StructureM ROI Tower
StructureM presented at our state HomeBuilders Association monthly meeting. Their professional advice was concise, easy-to-understand and apply, and extremely pertinent. Even marketing-savvy members came away with real strategy nuggets in their marketing toolbox that they will be able to apply immediately to their overall business plan.
hba maine
Kristine Dorer
Home Builders Association of Maine

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