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The 5 Steps to Jumpstart Marketing for Your Franchise is a proven process to get better results from your digital marketing.

"Growth is what happens when preparation meets opportunity"

Solidify Your Company's Growth

Many companies struggle to get more customers because they aren’t following the right plan. 

You can use the 5 Steps to Jumpstart Marketing for your franchise to make sure your marketing works.

Our clients typically achieve 15-50% revenue increase year after year.

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Consistent, Affordable Marketing Partnership

One of the biggest challenges franchise businesses face is how to ensure their brand messaging and marketing is the same—location to location, franchisee to franchisee. At StructureM, we’ve been doing this successfully for years.

We partner with you to provide solutions that affordably tackle your key marketing issues as you scale up for greater growth:

  • On-call help when you need us
  • Personalized attention through an account manager assigned just to you
  • Customized solutions designed to fit your specific franchise business
  • Proven, consistent approaches that are easy for franchisees to implement
  • Minimize costs and maximize measurable results with powerful growth strategies


And more!

We love coming up with innovative solutions for your needs. Schedule a call and we’ll help you develop a clear action plan.

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Real Results

“We were looking for a true, “roll-up-the-sleeves” type of partnership, and that’s what we’ve found with StructureM. Their ability to help us scale up has been impressive.”

Smash My Trash added over 140 franchises in 12 months.

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5 Steps to Jumpstart Marketing For Your Franchise

Leverage Digital Platforms Strategically.

Striking the right balance between national marketing efforts to build brand awareness and local marketing to attract customers to individual franchise locations can be challenging.

Learn the importance of:

  • Researching keywords to build local awareness
  • Optimizing your Google Business Profile
  • Creating local content
  • Geotargeting online advertising
  • Engaging on social media


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Real Results

“StructureM has been a genuine pleasure to work with. Everyone on the team is always excited to discuss the brand, talk overall picture, or get down into the metrics. They have been a great help every step of the way – Transparent, honest, and insightful; I couldn’t be happier with the work we’ve done together.”

EverLine Coatings added over 100 franchises in 12 months.

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