Text & Email Marketing

Nurture prospects and customers by segmenting and personalizing messages just for them.

A Tried & True

Your marketing strategy is not complete unless you are successfully utilizing some of the most tried-and-true methods of customer outreach — in short, email & text. But success is not in the amount of messages you are able to send, but in the frequency and quality of your responses.

Common email/text struggles:

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You feel unsure how to craft an intentional email/text campaign

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Don’t have time to create a campaign

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Don’t know what software to use for email/text campaigns

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Not seeing an actual ROI on the current email campaigns

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Feels like emails and texts are pointless, because no one responds

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Feels like you just end up in the SPAM folder every time

Email and text marketing doesn’t have to be hard. At StructureM, we make it simple for you to implement email/text message marketing strategies that enhance your relationship with your customers and drive results for your company’s financial bottom-line.

Be a Boss at Email and Text Campaigns

Enhance customer relationships and drive your company’s return on investment.

Why Email & Text Continue to Be Powerful Forms of Marketing

Even though today’s world allows for a wide variety of marketing techniques, email and text messaging are consistently some of the most effective ways to reach your target audience. When people opt in, they’re sending you an indisputable message that they want to hear from you. Text messaging is a powerful engagement tool that allows businesses to send concise, timely messages to their customers. Combined with email, the two create a seamless customer communication experience that’s reliable, scalable, and powerful.

Successful email/text marketing campaigns that convert leads into happy customers can make or break your business’s bottom-line. And with StructureM’s help, the ins and outs of effective email/text marketing don’t have to overwhelm you. Our team of marketing experts will assist you in developing, maintaining, testing and refining email marketing strategies that yield impressive ROI results.

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Run Email & Text Marketing Campaigns that Work

As you partner with StructureM, we’ll equip you with the tools it takes to handle email marketing like an expert.

  • We develop an email strategy specifically for your business.
  • We design emails that resonate with your target audience, driving customer response.
  • We guide you through the results and analytics to help track what your customers are responding to, allowing you to refine your email/text marketing campaigns to yield the best results.
Infographic describing the various layers of StructureM marketing strategies

I’ve had the pleasure of working with StructureM for years now. Their digital marketing expertise and leadership makes them a trusted and reliable ally in this field.

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