Detailed Reporting

Know your numbers or waste your money!



Marketing Measurement Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult

You don’t have to be an expert in marketing measurement to execute a successful marketing plan. StructureM can make the measurement process transparent and easy to grasp by defining terms for you, advising you on what techniques can improve ROI for your specific marketing goals and much more.

Don’t get bogged down with feeling like:

You don't have time to collect data

You don’t have the experience to understand the data

You are frustrated because you see no results from your money spent

You can’t find answers to simple questions

You don't know where to begin when collecting data

You don't know who to trust with your marketing dollars


To ensure you achieve the optimal results from your marketing plan, we assist you in defining and evaluating key performance indicators specifically geared toward your business and offer:


Weekly/Monthly marketing reports 

Quarterly marketing plan reviews

An experienced marketing consultant to advise you

Regular and proactive communication to keep you on track

Refine your marketing plan. Increase your return on investment.

Discover how our team can help you streamline and simplify your marketing so your business can experience strong, reliable bottom-line results.

What Should You Look For In Your Reporting?

We position you for marketing success with a reliable, easy-to-implement approach you can be confident will align clearly with your marketing needs. We offer you:

  • A proven marketing framework that supports your business’s bottom-line. By providing detailed reporting & insights you can see your ROI and know that the plan is working!
  • Many success stories from our clients — marketers just like you. Most of our clients have seen a 10:1 Return on their overall marketing investment. It's hard to deny results!
  • Our commitment to loyally serve our clients and their marketing goals. It's important that you have a team of people who care about seeing you become a marketing hero. At StructureM, most of our clients have been with us for 5+ years, even though they are on a month-to-month contract. Relationships matter and we will always make sure we partner with you in the journey as we guide you in your marketing success.
StructureM Marketing Reports

How the StructureM Marketing Framework Drives Marketing Success

At StructureM, we simplify the process of marketing so you, as a marketing manager or director, can focus on running your marketing team and pursuing an effective marketing plan that yields strong ROI for your business. We team up with you by stepping in with a proven framework.

The StructureM ROI Tower
The StructureM ROI Tower
StructureM has done a great job at getting to know my business/goals and creating/executing a marketing strategy to achieve those goals. I would highly recommend Structure M to anyone looking for a new marketing agency.
alco products, inc.
Jesse Kreisman
Alco Products, Inc.

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