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The Revenue Accelerator Program

With 4 clear phases, the Revenue Program is proven to deliver 15-50% growth year after year. It’s a simple solution that helps you attract a steady stream of new customers.

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"Working with StructureM is effortless."

Tom Pantzer, JD Hostetter

Want to Peek Under the Hood?

Scroll down to see some of the services StructureM offers. We use our Marketing Maturity Index to identify and prioritize the key areas that will drive profitable growth the fastest. Then our team gets it done.

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Brand Position

Cut through all the noise and attract prospects who are willing to pay more for your services.


Get a website that works 24/7 to generate leads and promote your company online.

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Build Your Story

Get the right story out there to attract ideal clients.


StructureM’s Search Engine Optimization services help you get more visitors to your website.

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Social Media

Create and promote social content that increases awareness of your brand and feeds your sales pipeline.

Reputation Management

Create a system that consistently (and efficiently) collects reviews and builds a robust online reputation.

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Email & Text Marketing

Use the power of personalized email and text communication to drive sales.


Drive more qualified leads with ads on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and more.

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Detailed Reporting

Use a set of key performance indicators that align your marketing, sales, and revenue goals.

Marketing Consulting

Setup your marketing and sales team for success by having a clearly defined strategy in place.

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Check out the Revenue Accelerator Program.

The team at StructureM has been great to work with. They communicate, they do great work, and most importantly they have helped our company experience significant growth.

Lakeside Testimonial
Matt Merrifield
Owner, Lakeside Renovation & Design

The Revenue Accelerator Formula

How to build a company that just keeps growing.

Most businesses were NOT prepared for the current economic environment. Even fewer will be ready for the next big shift. Now you can build a strong company that can endure economic swings instead of struggling through them. 

Learn how you can:

  • Attract more customers
  • Stop competing on price alone
  • Instill more customer confidence
  • Gain strong momentum in your market
  • Thrive when others fail

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