The Advantages of Facebook Ads

A powerful social promotional tool, Facebook has a stunningly effective ability to build your brand, generate leads, engage with customers and grow revenue. Highly adaptable to your company’s specific marketing needs, Facebook advertising gives you the opportunity to:

  • Target custom audiences

    Facebook gives you direct control over who sees your ads, allowing you to target a broad range of demographics — age, gender, location, interests and more — ensuring your ad is seen by your ideal customers.

  • Benefit from optimal ad placement

    Your targeted ads will be displayed prominently in your target audience’s newsfeeds as sponsored content, ensuring your ads get seen.

  • Accomplish a variety of marketing goals

    Facebook ads can be used for any purpose that benefits your business. You can announce a new store location, launch an app, share how-to videos, invite customers to download freebies from your website and much more.

Want to Get Started on a Facebook Advertising Strategy that Works?

At StructureM, we help you experience real, measurable results on Facebook by partnering with you to:

  • Prepare your website to properly track ad results
  • Organize and structure your campaigns
  • Expertly target and reach the right audience at the right time
  • Understand and utilize analytics reports to refine your marketing plan
  • Continually test and optimize your Facebook ads to maximize results

At StructureM, we help you leverage Facebook advertising for measurable marketing success. Contact us today to learn more and get started.