Contractor Coaching Session

Apply for a 45-minute session where we’ll workshop your business and give you valuable takeaways to make your company more durable.

Is "Feast or Famine" Stressing You Out?

Big swings in the economy can be scary. Most contractors just aren’t prepared.

A free Coaching Session with Dave Gullotti from StructureM will help you build a company that weathers the storms and comes out on top.

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Your Coach

David Gullotti has over 20 years in the contracting industry and has grown several 8-figure contracting companies.

He has been in your position and has helped leaders in nearly every sector scale up their companies.

He knows how lonely it is at the top, and how difficult it is to get all the gears of your business turning at the same time in order to build a durable company.

Dave can give you valuable insights into your marketing, sales, operations, leadership, and cash flow issues.

"Dave's ability to provide valuable insights during these coaching sessions have helped me simplify my day-to-day and focus on growing my business."

Jordan Beissel, Owner, Beissel Window and Siding

"Dave's leadership and guidance are second to none. He provided a clear path forward and we're reaching new levels of success."

Mike Kelly, Owner, Kelly Window and Door

Apply for a Free Growth Coaching Session

This session is a $250 value offered for free to qualified individuals. In order to apply, confirm you meet the criteria below and then fill out the form. We’ll follow up and get your session scheduled. This is NOT a sales pitch! Dave will ask key questions and offer valuable insights based on your situation.

– You have $2M+ in revenue

– You are committed to significantly improving your revenue and profit

– Your company is established and you have a marathon, not a sprint, mentality

– Your company has an overall good reputation in your community

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