Why Use Ads

Why Use Google Ads?

Some say it’s a waste of money, other people swear by them. Find out why you should use Google Ads.

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Read video transcription below.

Why should you use Google ads? Again, love, hate relationship. We talk to enough contractors and some say waste of money. Other people swear by them. And so here are just four main reasons why contractors need to use Google ads. First of all, is the results. You can get quick, instant results. It’s basically very much like a light switch. If you want leads next week, you fire that up. Whereas a lot of other methods, there’s a longer lead time and it takes a while to get in. So, PPC or Google ads give you those results.

There’s also greater control. You know if you’re getting too many leads, which hopefully that’s happening and we have a few clients who’ve come back and said that, which is always great to hear, we can dial it down, pause it, start it in a different area, but the control you get to get leads in areas is great.

The number three, which, is something we just spoke about with accurate tracking, you can track these for an ROI. You can know exactly which leads came through your Google ads and therefore attribute a revenue dollar to them.

And then probably the biggest one is it’s really no longer an option. Google is reducing your choice to participate with paid ads. Here’s a startling statistic, 41% of Google clicks are going to the top results. So this is a typical search that someone would do. And the bulk of the top of the screen is now all ads and they make it very difficult to tell what is an ad and what is not an ad now. And so a majority of clicks are going to these top results. That number, 41%, is going to increase as Google really sees the value.

97% of Google’s revenue comes from advertising. So they are incentivized to push those non-paid options further and further down the page. If you want to be seen anywhere on Google searches, the paid option is where it is. The other startling statistic here is that pay-per-click visitors are 50% more likely to purchase than organic visitors. Organic is still very much seen as in the research stage. When people are ready to pull the trigger, paid ads are at the top because they know that’s the result. So that’s a lot higher in terms of intent than other things.

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