Landing Page Marketing ROI

Why Landing Pages Could Be the Missing Link to Increased Marketing ROI

The hardest part of owning a business is drumming up high-quality leads. If you’re tired of seeing your advertising dollars go down the proverbial toilet, we’re here to let you in on a little secret. Two simple words: Landing Pages. 

The landing page is the ultimate Call to Action (CTA), convincing visitors they can’t live without the information you are offering. They bring value to every click, increasing trust and making it easier for visitors to willingly share their contact information. Here’s why a lack of landing pages could be the downfall of your marketing strategy.

What Is a Landing Page?

A landing page is a stand-alone page on your website designed to collect contact information. It offers something of value to a visitor, such as a free e-book, newsletter, webinar or app that your audience is likely to find attractive. Because the offer has a perceived value, it helps you collect a higher quality lead and, in turn, see more conversions. You feed higher-quality leads into your sales funnel with a better understanding of each prospect’s goals. 

As a result, you can nurture better relationships using personalized drip campaigns or other forms of targeted marketing. The trick is to create a page that provides exactly what a person needs when they click a link, whether it is tied to a specific paid ad, e-flyer, CTAs, YouTube links, social media links, etc. The landing page not only helps you meet your marketing goals but also empowers your visitors to meet a specific goal as well.

Why Use Landing Pages?

You need to generate leads to grow your business. But how well is your lead generation doing with your current marketing tactics? We assume since you’re reading this blog, it’s probably not doing as well as you’d hoped.  Landing pages allow you to add an average of one name to your list for every 10 people who visit. While this isn’t earth-shattering, it does add up. After all, one is better than none. Each name you collect provides a more direct line for personalized campaigns suited to each person’s needs. Instead of leaving someone floundering on a generic contact page, home page, or service page, you send them to a landing page that tells them how to get what they need in one simple step.

What are the Benefits of Landing Pages?

Here’s what you miss out on when you don’t use landing pages:

Increased Conversions

Landing pages provide value right away with information that is perceived as a reward visitors can sink their teeth into. Instead of an aggressive approach demanding information, you’re saying, “By the way, we figure you could use this information. Just provide your email, and we’ll send it on over.” When you share critical specifics, such as receiving “10 Steps to Renewed Wealth” or “How to Build Your Own Shed,” the visitor is far more likely to think, “Oh wow, yes, I need that information.” No more generic, valueless pages or sales pitches. Just 100% purely useful information that generates leads.

Target Insights

Wouldn’t it be nice to know your paid ads are getting fewer clicks than your folksy social media posts, or vice versa? Testing different landing pages is a very effective way to understand what works and what doesn’t, based on responses. When you know who you are talking to you, you can target information that is of more interest. It’s like judging a book by its cover. You can either make assumptions based on a glance or make smarter decisions by taking time to read the jacket to learn more. Landing pages tell you where people come from, what enticed them to click, and what enticements seem to be more popular. As a result, you can fine-tune your strategy and choose suitable content that continues to engage your true audience.  

Create an Email List & Improve Nurturing  

It’s hard to nurture leads without an email list. Your landing pages are an enticement to collect more email addresses so you can continue to build a relationship. What someone deems worthy enough to download or request in exchange for their contact information tells you what other content they are likely to respond to. It also tells you what stage they have likely reached on their customer journey, allowing you to customize content and share information to help move them forward.

Provide Context

Landing pages are more relevant as they provide context to your content. It’s the difference between someone approaching you at a party and trying to sell you a house out of the blue and the host coming over to introduce you to someone selling a house in the area you’ve always wanted to live in. It is a trust builder that helps establish familiarity without being too pushy. It’s the personal touch versus the hard sell using more information and imagery to create an “Aha” instead of a “Huh?” or “Uh Uh.”

Add Value

A landing page helps you meet expectations. What would someone want to see when they click a link? As mentioned above, it provides context. Visitors won’t find a generic page that loses relevance and forces them to keep searching for what they need. Although you might think this is a great strategy, guess what? Most people won’t search; they leave. Landing pages are logical. They allow you to consider:

  • What information you want to share
  • What ads or posts will entice people to click and
  • What content they expect to see

This logical process brings more value to your marketing, giving people what they want:

  • Attractive, easy-to-follow designs
  • A concise overview confirming they have found the information they need and
  • Quick instructions on how to get the information they want

The content tells visitors they can trust you to deliver on your promises without worries you’re going to hard sell them something they’re not ready to buy. This is your chance to engage your audience with valuable information and ease them through your sales funnel more effectively.

Landing pages are unique tools that can be a crucial first touch with new clients. So, it is important you are putting your best foot forward. If you need help developing landing pages that convert prospects to customers, we’re happy to chat.