The Importance of Google Business Posts

Why Google Posts Are Important For Your Business

If you’ve caught on that Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) is one of the most powerful FREE local business SEO tools around, you’re already miles ahead of the competition. However, those companies ranking above you are probably using one little secret to maintain their reign: Google posts. While it doesn’t look or feel like a social channel, your Google Business Profile is designed to improve customer experiences, providing all the information a user needs to find local products and services. 

A lesser-known tool on your profile, the Google post, works pretty much the same way as a social post. And although Google swears up and down the posts have no bearing on your ranking, posts do provide a better customer/user experience, which Google does consider — a lot. To take advantage of this handy marketing tool, here we explain why you should be using Google posts and share five ways you can learn to ace them.

What are Google Posts?

Your Google Business Profile provides an easy feature that allows you to share posts with customers. The posts appear as part of your Google listing and profile, allowing you to share even more information about your business. It is an excellent way to set yourself apart, using the various post types to suit your needs.

How Do I Leverage Google Posts?

Just like any other social channel, there are a few ways you can leverage Google posts to see better results, including:

  • CTAs and Landing Pages: Always encourage users to take a specific action using one of Google’s CTA’s, which include Learn More, Order Online, Book, Buy, Sign Up, and Call Now. You can then add a link to a landing page to share specific information to help increase conversions.
  • Post often: Your posts stay live. Therefore, you should post often, using relevant content that resonates with customers, whether it is raising brand awareness, featuring a new product/special offer, or inviting people to attend an event.
  • Time your posts: Consider your time zone and the most active time for your customers so you are posting when people are more likely to see them.  
  • Share blog previews: Drive traffic to your website by sharing a preview of your most recent blog posts.
  • Mention great reviews: Google reviews appear along with your GMB profile, so why not make the most of them by mentioning five-star ratings and rave reviews?
  • Keep it simple: Keep the main gist of your message within the first seven to 15 words so it appears in the post preview. It also helps to keep your message below 300 characters.
  • No hashtags: Don’t bother with hashtags.
  • Use images and video: Professional-grade images and video present your products and brand in the best light and draw more positive attention to your post.

It’s always worth taking the time to create engaging text and images for your posts to ensure your company appears professional. High-quality content, even for something as simple as a Google post, shows your commitment to creating exceptional customer experiences.

How Do I Improve Post Performance?

It’s not surprising to learn that the most engaging Google posts tend to be related to offers and of course, also include a CTA. However, you can also improve performance by including an intriguing title. You can also optimize posts with keywords relevant to the post topic.

5 Ways to Ace Google Posts

To ensure your Google posts increase awareness and website traffic, we recommend you use these pro marketing tips:

1. Include GMB in Your Social Post Schedule/Strategy

Because Google posts show up in search results, it is an important part of your social strategy. It makes it easier for people to find you, discover your website, and in turn, follow your social accounts. If you include GMB as part of your strategy, you will create relevant posts to help meet your marketing and business goals.

2. Include Images – And Often

It’s “the whole picture is worth a thousand words” thing, with searchers feeling more confident making purchases when they can see what they’re buying. Even service companies can use images to improve credibility, such as team members at work, before and after images, your fleet of service vehicles, etc. Although it sounds boring, it’s not half as boring as straight-up text. But you also have to ensure you use quality photos, as mentioned above, as Google has higher standards and will respond less favorably towards dicey, shadowy, out-of-focus images. High quality instills trust and encourages more click-throughs.

3. Confirm Your NAP is Correct and Consistent

If your company name, address, and phone number (NAP) are incorrect or inconsistent with how it appears on directories, your website, and social accounts, it’s bad for SEO and customer experience. Although it might have been correct the last time you checked, Google thinks it’s helping users by automatically updating GMB information using the most recent version of your NAP found online, which is not necessarily created by your team. As a result, the update might have the opposite effect and post the wrong information. As painful as this is, checking your NAP is important. Posting often makes it easier to keep track of your information so you catch NAP errors fast.

4. Ask for Reviews

Asking customers for reviews helps see more clicks as Google reviews improve SEO and build trust.

5. Respond to Reviews

Finally, be sure you respond to online reviews with a personal thanks for good reviews and a quick response to resolve issues for bad ones. The sooner you respond, the better you look to customers.

Although GMB is not what one might consider a true social platform, it offers an opportunity to take full advantage of your GMB profile. As a result, including Google posts in your social strategy can improve search engagement, inspire more clicks, and in turn, generate more leads.

We realize posting to your GMB may be a new idea.  If you need a little help with this, we’re happy to chat