Why every business owner needs premium content to establish online authority

Why Every Business Owner Needs Premium Content to Establish Online Authority

It’s not uncommon for small business owners to produce content in bulk, figuring it is the most cost-effective way to improve SEO and brand awareness. However, it’s actually premium content you should be creating, focusing on quality over quantity.

Premium content offers more value to readers, whether it is step-by-step how-to’s, easy-to-digest infographics, or a highly comprehensive collection of in-depth FAQs. The best and, quite frankly, the only way to establish your authority is to meet the needs of your end users by sharing relevant, high-value information they can use.

Content is not just about SEO but more so about establishing credibility in your industry. Your goal is to make it clear you know exactly what you’re talking about. Also, Google looks for and recognizes authority, using it as a major factor to rank content in the SERPs. Here’s why you need premium content to establish online authority.

How Do I Know When My Content Is Premium?

It’s not enough to simply regurgitate the same information as your competitors. Instead, you should focus on unique, informative, and engaging content that shows you have all the answers. You know you’re writing authoritative content when you include the following:

  • Credible sources: Linking to scientific studies or other ultra-credible sources shows Google you are trustworthy. Although it might seem like links will send readers away, it actually provides a more intuitive learning experience, allowing readers to further their knowledge with a simple click. This is not only helpful but also shows you know your stuff and want to assist people in their learning journey.
  • Deep Diving Details: Most content skims the surface, providing the same information with little opportunity to learn more. If your content delves into greater detail, you create more authority on the topic. You can also bring more value by linking to other authoritative content on your site, such as ebooks, How to videos, or white papers. Subtopics are also helpful, allowing you to use each blog or piece of content as pillars supporting more and more information.
  • Specialized Knowledge: Providing specialized knowledge that’s difficult to acquire elsewhere is one of the most important factors in creating premium content. For example, if your company conducts its own research, you can help establish authority by sharing your findings. You might also have a niche product within the industry that enhances your knowledge in a key area.

Five Ways To Create Premium Content

If you’re feeling antsy about the idea of writing massive quantities of content, there are several different ways to up your premium factor by sharing information in a way you feel most comfortable. Here are five options sure to drive high engagement: 

1. Videos

If you are more of a talker than a writer, nothing is easier than video. Whether you choose to create short, highly instructional videos on TikTok, or longer videos for a YouTube channel, video tends to be the most engaging medium to share information. If you are camera shy, you can incorporate charts and infographics in the video or feature experts from your company. 

Many companies create a “talk show” format with a likable personality that acts as the host interviewing and discussing topics of interest with in-house experts and industry leaders. The key is to create an engaging, entertaining and informative video that makes it clear you know your stuff. Unscripted video works best, as it shows you’re very comfortable with the topic and don’t need notes.

2. FAQs

You might be thinking FAQs are not very interesting or even a bit of a cop-out from actually helping customers. However, detailed FAQs with detailed answers can be extremely helpful, not to mention convenient for people looking for quick answers to common questions. Instead of evading questions to try to get people to reach out to you, your FAQs should be designed to address common pain points and resolve issues. So, where do you get access to meaningful FAQs? 

Question and answer sites tend to be a good place to start because this is where people go when they can’t find answers elsewhere. Many experts trying to establish their authority are active on these boards, answering questions with professional, helpful details. Another option is to follow competitor’s social channels to see what their customers are griping about, and of course, using your own customer complaints and follow-up questions. Then be sure you research anything you feel is missing from your own knowledge base to fill in the blanks. It’s a lot of work, but it creates very effective evergreen content. If you notice new topics come up, you can add them to the list.

3. How-Tos

This one is self-explanatory. Showing people how to use your products, wear your merchandise, or put your products together is probably one of the simplest types of content you can create. Again, it is evergreen, so once it is up, it continues to build authority. And don’t be afraid to post user-generated how-tos, as this helps establish social proof to build authority for your brand.

4. E-Books

Now e-books aren’t for everyone because they require more effort and writing. However, an excellent way to create an e-book is to review all your existing blogs, white papers, case studies, FAQs, etc. and organize and edit that content to create a comprehensive book with logical chapters.

5. Infographics

Infographics filled with stats and research findings are easy to digest as they offer a more visual approach to reviewing information. Laid out with engaging images, you can tell an interesting story highlighting key facts your customers find relevant. To add even more value, update the statistics each year so your content really stands out from most of the outdated information people usually find online. Update your keywords as well so Google can search up the year.

Whether you want to drive traffic, stimulate more eyeballs, rev up engagement, or attract partners for backlinks, you need to get some well-considered premium content out there to establish your authority.

Knowing what premium content to create can be a challenge, but we can help with that! Click on this link, and we’re happy to chat.