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When Was The Last Time You Were Wowed?

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Have you ever had an experience with a business that made you want to rave about them to everyone you know?

Last night I was traveling home with a few friends from a day out and we stopped for dinner. As usual no one could make a decision on where to stop when we came across a local small-chain Barbecue restaurant.

The staff member was extremely friendly, answered all my questions, and recommended their top two dinner choices. He even gave me a taste of the items he recommend, as I was battling to decide. Eventually I settled on one and paid, however when the food was brought out, he had included a complementary portion of the item I hadn’t ordered.

The extra food cost the restaurant a dollar or two but the impact was huge. By making this unexpected gesture they created a brand advocate out of me who is now spreading the word about this great place and experience to all my friends and family.

Why doesn’t this happen more? Is it the cost of doing business or is it empowering the staff you hire? By giving your employees the power to do the unexpected for their customers, you enable them to feel a part of your business; giving your staff a sense of ownership and a life-time patron out of the next person walking in your door.

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