Top 7 Digital Marketing Strategies for Franchises

The Top 7 Most Crucial Digital Marketing Strategies to Improve Your Franchise Success

Digital marketing is an essential tool to help franchises expand their customer base. As a result, you need to create an effective digital marketing strategy. Here we offer the top seven most crucial digital marketing strategies for franchisees.

1. Local SEO

Because you depend on local customers, you need local SEO to help customers find you. Local SEO leverages customer intent and geo-targeting to reach new customers at the moment they are searching for your service. Just as they are ready to take action, your franchise appears on a Google map, along with your rating and NAP. They have what they need to take the next, and usually the final step in their customer journey. To perfect your local SEO strategy, you need to:

  • Perfect your keyword research using geo-modified terms
  • Use Local Service Ads to raise franchise awareness
  • Create a user-friendly, search engine scannable site structure
  • Provide and post original content targeting your location
  • Optimize your Google Business profile
  • Ensure your NAP (name, address, phone) is consistent across all internet citations

2. PPC Advertising

PPC or pay-per-click advertising enhances your online presence and SEO efforts. You create ads and use your keywords to appear in the paid search results. Ranking is based on the highest bidders, who pay for each click based on the highest amount they are willing to pay. The paid rankings appear above the organic search results, providing more prominence. It is budget-friendly, as you only pay when someone clicks the ad link. To get started, you’ll need to:

  • Create a keyword strategy that allows you to leverage keywords available for lower bids, but higher quality searches
  • Use keywords to create ad groups and campaigns
  • Use the Google Ads platform to assist in keyword strategy as well as to create your ads
  • Create landing pages on your website to increase conversions
  • Continue to evaluate results to optimize your campaigns

3. Content Marketing

Content marketing focuses on creating high-quality content, including blog posts, infographics, guides, videos, social posts, and more. Content is related to your industry and leverages keywords to improve SEO. To create high-quality content for your franchise, you should:

  • Create content to leverage keywords
  • Create personalized content to appeal to different customer segments
  • Post new content frequently, using a content schedule
  • Include engaging visual content and video
  • Make the most of content by sharing links to content on social media

4. Social Media

Social media is crucial to raising brand awareness and connecting with customers more intimately. You also reach your target audience and expand your reach when your posts are liked and shared. It allows you to carry on real-time conversations with customers and share information they value. To nail your social media strategy, you have to make sure you:

  • Generate posts daily
  • Use posts as a quick way to get exciting news out there in real-time
  • Leverage existing content on blogs, YouTube, etc., to get more mileage
  • Use high-quality visuals, including video
  • Create authentic posts to create a likable, trusted online brand personality
  • Work with influencers to support your brand and build credibility among their followers
  • Participate in conversations by monitoring comments
  • Create your own comments to keep the conversation going
  • Measure social engagement to improve your posts
  • Use hashtags appropriately to expand your reach
  • Follow customer accounts to look for opportunities to engage them through comments and likes

5. Professional Web Design

A professionally designed website is vital as it is often the first meaningful interaction a customer has with your franchise. Your website needs to be optimized for search engines and user experience so visitors find what they need. Your franchise website needs to:

  • Provide prominence for your franchise brand and logo
  • Present your contact information and location on all pages so people can contact you and find you
  • Use clear calls to action throughout your website
  • Include responsive design to ensure search engines see your site is mobile/device friendly
  • Use streamlined navigation that is intuitive and pleasing to the eye
  • Include prominent About Us, FAQs, Social icons, social proof, etc.
  • Provide fast-loading pages
  • Be visually appealing

6. Email Marketing

Email marketing provides permission-based contact with customers to nurture relationships. It is cost-effective and allows you to remain in touch, sharing relevant information that is personalized for each customer segment. Your franchise can adopt the following email marketing best practices:

  • Prioritize personalization in email content to provide information relevant to each customer
  • Use branded email designs to build trust and make it clear you are the sender
  • Use compelling subject lines; avoid spammy tactics such as using all caps and lots of exclamation marks
  • Make sure that once opened, your message is short with a clear call to action
  • Track email analytics
  • Use A/B testing to improve your campaigns and engagement

7. Online Reputation Management

All your digital marketing strategies could be for naught if you don’t protect your online reputation. Reputation management ensures your online reviews are monitored and built up to improve brand perception. Because most people read reviews before making a purchase, ensure you ask customers for reviews. A positive brand reputation is also essential to your local SEO because Google ranks the highest-rated companies at the top.

Your prominence in local search results determines whether a customer chooses you or your competition. So your online reputation has to reflect positive reviews and plenty of plus four-star ratings if you want to win one of the top three positions. The position is essential as only three companies are visible on desktops and two on mobile devices.

To manage your online reputation, your franchise must:

  • Actively ask customers for business reviews
  • Make it easy to access reviews by including a link in your email signature and sharing review links with customers through your email marketing
  • Monitor your online reviews, especially for your Google Business Profile and Yelp
  • Reply to all positive reviews with a personal, unique message
  • Quickly respond to bad reviews, remaining positive and supportive to show your willingness to resolve customer complaints

Although investing in seven digital marketing strategies seems a bit much, remember that all but #2 are mostly free. However, having a marketing partner like StructureM can really up your game, providing the online presence you need to stand out from the competition

Do you need help creating your franchise digital marketing plan? If you need a little guidance with this, we’re happy to chat.