How to become an exception business

Three things that will make your company exceptional

A good business builds an expectation of timely, accurate and dependable services with its clients.

An exceptional business provides unexpected value to its clients.

The days of claiming good work and ethical behavior as a unique selling point that differentiates your business are over. These attributes are now expectations, simply because they can be verified. Technology now allows consumers to check a business’ reputationsee the quality of their work and pass judgment in a matter of seconds. Review sites like Angie’s List, Better Business Bureau, Google, and Facebook allow consumers to make an immediate judgement on whether a company is good or bad (even if it’s not entirely accurate). All of this aggregated awareness means that the consumer will likely form an opinion about your business before they’ve had the opportunity to see what makes you exceptional.

So how do you become exceptional?


People want to understand the value in the products or services you provide. That’s why they started searching for information about your product or service in the first place. This is where I insert that idiom you’ve heard a million times, “Content is King”. Pick a medium, be it blogging, podcasting, videos – better yet, pick all of them – and talk with passion about everything it is that you do. For example, if you own a pest control business, create a video talking about how to prevent ticks and the dangers of Lyme disease.


Choose an area of your business that you do well, and your competitors do well too and differentiate yourself by doing more. Let’s use the pest control example again. Instead of just hitting them with an invoice, how about leaving a map of the house, noting where it was sprayed and a checklist of the pests that were deterred or eliminated. This will show the customer that you did what was expected, but cared enough to communicate it to them in a personalized way.

Give what you do.

Use your products and services to help others and you’ll grow your bottom line, make an impact and affect your companies culture. Sponsoring an event or giving to the local fire department is a noble gesture but it doesn’t separate you. Let’s say our pest control business finds local non-profits and offers to treat their buildings at no cost. When you do this you’ll not only create an impact on them but those around them as they share how exceptional you really are. Using your products and services to give back communicates that the purpose of your business is exceptional. Use your products and services to unite your business and its customers with a cause. You’ll then be positioned for extraordinary growth in your bottom line, your companies culture and the impact it can make.

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