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The Skill That Will Change Your World

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On the one side there are the big ideas: the “why”, the mission, the vision, the values. The dream.

And on the other side is the day-in day-out practical activities: the mechanical side that is focused on logical sequence, efficiency, and discipline. The clock.

Here’s the skill that changes everything:
Bringing these two together. Every day. All day.

Thankfully it’s a skill you can develop and master: uniting the vision with what’s in your hand. This is what artists do. This is what successful people do. They bring the two together.

When you unite the practical with the big idea, when the big idea finds reality through practical application, you can change things. Big things.

It’s also called “WORK”.

At least this is what work should be: continually joining together our practical, daily, logical activities with an intangible, idealistic “why”. Both are real. Both are significant. But the real power to change things is found where they are brought together. United.

The more united these two things are, the more success you’ll have. The less connected, the more failure & frustration you’ll have.

Creating unity is a skill.

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