The secret to building a Complete Marketing Strategy

Everyone is good at thinking about starting something.
A few are good at actually starting it.
Rarer still are those who start something and finish it.

Since I was a kid I’ve always had grandiose ideas. Big visions of things I could do or make. It seemed I could connect and dissect things that others didn’t see. I remember getting my Mom’s drafting paper and sketching out intricate drawings of crazy mechanical devices and all sorts of other inventions. Even though I think some of these ideas may have actually worked, none of them ever made it off the drawing board. It seemed that one idea would create a better one and I was off on another short lived adventure.

It was so much more fun to work on the idea than to put the idea to work.

Of course this isn’t surprising for a kid, but as we get older this lack of follow through sometimes follows us into our businesses and our lives. We have visions of what we want to accomplish and where we want to be. Some of us even take the next step and setup clearly defined goals, but often still fall short when the work begins to get hard.

If you own a business or are in charge of marketing for your company, one of the goals you should be developing is constructing a comprehensive marketing strategy. You probably know how important marketing is and how much affect it has on the bottom line, but end feeling like a hamster in a wheel when you try to organize and systematize it. You quickly begin to understand just how complicated and confusing marketing has become in the last decade. The channels, technology, tactics and resources necessary to build a complete marketing strategy can be mind boggling and the educational commitment necessary can seem insurmountable.

This is where I give you the link to my free white paper, “10 secrets to marketing success” or our “Build your business Marketing Strategy in 24 hours” guide right? Sure thing! All you need to do is subscribe to my “Marketing for Dingbats” newsletter I’ll teach you (after you signup for my premium training course) all you need to know about marketing your small business.

Sorry, that’s not the way it works. There is no secret and no quick fix. It’s simply not possible to depend on tactics and campaigns any longer because the consumer is now simply too informed. It’s now about being found first by communicating not only price and product but also your purpose. This takes a commitment to educating yourself and hiring people who can help you market your business strategically.

We’ve worked with so many clients who want help with pieces and parts of their marketing, but don’t want to make the commitment necessary to building a complete marketing system for their business. The bottom line is that If you want to be the best at anything you have to give 100%. Likewise, if you want to grow your business to its potential you need to begin to think strategically, not tactically, and that requires a whole new level of engagement.

One of the best places to start is by reading Duct Tape Marketing by John Jantsch. It will teach you the fundamentals of modern marketing and give you the resources necessary to start building a complete marketing strategy for your business.

If you commit start and to finish building a complete marketing strategy, you’ll build a business based on science, not promises.

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