The power of local service

The Power of Local Service Ads

Some quick information on Google Local Service Ads from our very own StructureM expert in this area, Bruce Dell. Watch this short video to learn more!

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Read below for the video transcription. 

As I mentioned before, to local service ads, this is relatively new and fairly new in the siding space. In fact, if you’re familiar with Google local service ads or Google guaranteed ads, as they also are called, and you can see what this looks like.

This is an example of just doing a roofing search in Tulsa, but it’s the Google guarantee ads that come up at the top and citing category has, is relatively new. It’s just opened up. And so these are new and very, very hot right now because the competition is still fairly low. Not many contractors are jumping on that.

And so this is a good opportunity to get some good leads at a good cost per lead. And you pay per lead. It’s not like pay-per-click where you pay every time someone clicks your competitors clicking and causing you to pay money. This is a pay per lead and they exclusively come just to you.

Google local service ads are open in your market in the Detroit area. Again, very new. And the nice thing is it’s a qualification process because it’s a Google guarantee badge. You have to submit your insurance, you have to do a background check, things like that, and they have high purchase intent.

These are people who are ready to buy. So they’ll often find that Google local service ads have better quality of leads. And so definitely as an area you want to jump on to generate some good leads.

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