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The Four Best Call Tracking Programs to Use with Your Marketing

If you’re finding it hard to determine which marketing channels and campaigns drive the most calls, you could be throwing marketing dollars down the drain. Every business owner should focus on marketing methods with the best ROI, generating more quality leads that produce higher-value clients. Call tracking software is the tool you need to gain valuable insights that help enhance your marketing decisions. 

Here we look at call tracking programs and review the four most insightful options to help drive calls.

How Does a Call Tracking Program Work?

Call tracking programs tell you exactly how many calls each channel you throw marketing dollars at produces. As a result, you know how many inbound calls come from each channel or campaign. Any marketer will tell you this is data gold, helping you make informed decisions that increase your marketing ROI. As calls come in, the program monitors and tracks the call, collecting information such as its origin, the time and length, and whether the caller reached a person or was sent to voicemail. It also provides personalized data such as the caller’s name and location, along with their purchase history. 

This information is then tied to the marketing campaign that triggered the call. You can improve your marketing ROI by understanding your top-producing keywords, ads or campaigns and their related channels. You can also recover lost leads and improve customer experience by understanding customer behaviors and your specific customer journey.

What Defines the Best Call Tracking Programs?

Since tying the number of calls to the channel or campaign is what all call tracking programs do, this is not the defining feature to consider. Instead, you want programs that make reviewing that information more accessible. That calls for two critical components:

1. Insight Reporting

While all call tracking programs gather lead data, you need a program that takes all that data and shares it with your team in manageable bites. A program that reports on insights manages the data more effectively. As a result, you spend less time sorting data and more time analyzing lead information.

2. Comprehensive Overviews

Wise decisions are made when you can compare and spot trends that show you where you are succeeding and failing. A program that offers you a comprehensive overview of all leads and the channels driving them, complete with forms and chats, provides a much clearer picture to make informed decisions to improve channel ROI.

4 Call Tracking Programs That Drive Decisions

Here are the top four call tracking programs that stand out from the rest:

1. CallRail

CallRail gives you more bang for your buck when it comes to total cost of ownership, despite charging a bit more than other services for extra numbers and minutes. This is the best subscription service, with essential features such as call recording, scoring, and forwarding included at all levels. You can also access HubSpot, Facebook, APIs, or webhooks at no extra cost to empower your team to take post-call action faster. Features include:

  • CallScore: Call scoring using machine learning (ML) and call metadata develops lead scores for you automatically.
  • Agent performance: Agents are set up as CallRail users allowing you to track performance and agent lead outcomes.
  • Call metrics: Comprehensive reporting helps you understand campaign and keyword performance. You can easily measure, analyze, and assess the ROI of your marketing campaigns and access call transcripts for improved customer experience insights. The program also provides attribute form submissions to optimize calls and forms.
  • Visitor-level tracking: Follow the customer journey through every touchpoint to understand how your marketing funnel impacts leads to sales. The program transcribes and analyzes calls, giving you a deep dive into helpful marketing insights.

2. CallTracking Metrics

This is the best overall program for multi-channel tracking. You can monitor not only calls but also text and chat messages and forms. AI identifies caller keywords and takes immediate action, such as forwarding calls using the word “cancel” to an account manager to help reduce client churn. An annual subscription saves small business owners money so that you can choose a level with more features, such as:

  • Intelligent call routing: Caller history and past actions trigger automated routing.
  • Multi-channel call attribution: Call tracking covers phone calls, texts, chats, and forms matched to critical details for a complete overview to understand the associated ads, channels, keywords, and website pages visited.

3. Retreaver

If you have serious budget constraints, Retreaver offers an affordable program ideal for small businesses. Dynamic call routing using caller history is a standard feature of Retreaver’s pay-as-you-go service. Other features of note include:

  • Call tagging: This webhook-friendly program allows you to create automated workflows, so your team can carry out post-call tasks. It also pushes data to third-party software.
  • Intelligent call routing: Action-based call routing pushes calls to specific extensions or plays prerecorded messages to improve customer experience and enable positive customer actions.
  • Dashboard: A handy dashboard filters call logs based on criteria such as campaigns, call sources, or endpoints so you can access call flow data.

4. WhatConverts

If you are an ecommerce business, this is the call tracking program for you. It tracks e-commerce transactions and offers next-level lead management and reporting tools. Features such as call recording, transcriptions, campaign, and keyword tracking are included in their monthly subscriptions. Ecommerce data includes:

  • Transaction marketing data: The program connects with Shopify, BigCommerce, Squarespace, or WooCommerce so you can quickly review transaction marketing data on your dashboard.
  • Trace ROI: Web visitor source details help trace your ROI for each channel.
  • Filtering and grouping tools: Filtering and grouping tools allow agents to generate lists by campaign or keyword.
  • Customizable reporting: Customized reports based on the type of data and your preferred chart formatting and scheduling options make for easier viewing.

The right call tracking program simplifies the call and lead process while helping you understand customer behavior to improve your marketing strategy.

It might seem overwhelming to consider implementing new software and tracking all the details. We’ve helped identify some great options you can consider for your marketing department. We’re happy to chat if you need a little help with this.