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The #1 Rule for Converting More Leads

Believe it or not, the #1 rule for converting more leads is…. The phone! Watch this short video to learn more.


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Read video transcription below.

Time and time again, we found the number one factor that affects the number of leads is the phone. Believe it or not. It is the phone. The number of times we wrote or called, we recorded all of our phone calls. And it is a shame the number of times a lead goes unanswered or to voicemail. And so the number one thing here is answer the phone. If you’re paying for a lead and you’re willing to pay $200, $250 per lead, you want that lead. And so having somebody who is always available to answer the phone in person is absolutely critical. Don’t let a lead go to voicemail. Very important people do not leave messages. They’ve moved on to the next thing, call back, they’re waiting.

So if they do submit a form or they do leave on voicemail, calling them back FAST greatly increases your chance that you will get that lead and then train to convert to a consultation. Having someone who answers the phone, who has a script who knows what to say to be able to book that consultation and qualify that lead is so important again. It’s scary when we listen to calls later on, who’s answering the phone and it’s almost like you don’t want the business, you’re doing them a favor. And so training that person is critical, but using a good service, if you don’t have a team, answering service is very important here.

You know, we use a company a lot of times called Westpark communications. They have trained agents. They train their team, you can give them a script and they know what to say to qualify leads and send you those leads. And then the last one is to track and record your call. So you know, where those calls came from, um, and they use cold dynamic called swapping is a technical term, but they use that to be able to track where that source of that call came from. And you can record your calls, which is going to be surprising when you listen back about how that’s going.

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