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How to Get More Consistent Marketing Results

Wondering what it takes to get more consistent results from your marketing? Watch the video to find...

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How to Attract Larger-Scale Projects

A common question we get at StructureM is about how to attract larger clients and jobs. Check out...

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How to Accurately Track Your Leads

Too often we see clients that either don't have lead tracking in place or don't accurately track...

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8 Key Drivers for Contractors

There are eight key drivers in a business, in every business. Some are more important than others,...

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How Much Should You Budget For Marketing?

Healthy reminder, your marketing dollars are an investment, not an expense. The budget for this...

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The Power of Local Service Ads

Some quick information on Google Local Service Ads from our very own StructureM expert in this...

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What Your Banker Really Cares About

Bankers look at 5 different characteristics. What are those 5? Watch the video to find out more.

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Free Ways To Get More Leads

It’s kind of scary when we talk to contractors and we see the amount of people who are not...

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The #1 Rule for Converting More Leads

Believe it or not, the #1 rule for converting more leads is…. The phone! Watch this short video to...

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How to Recruit Quality Labor

When contractors find themselves in a home improvement boom like the one happening right now, it’s...

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