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6 Ways for Contractors to Get More Leads and Grow Their Company

Every contractor company faces an ongoing challenge: How will you gain new leads and grow your...

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Align Your Marketing and Financial Decisions to Increase the Revenue of Your Contractor Business

Most contractors start their company out of passion for what they do. Roofers love roofing. Deck...

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Email Lists: Your #1 Communication Tool

What’s your most powerful business asset? The answer might surprise you!

At StructureM, we believe...

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How to fully utilize Google My Business

Are you missing out on FREE advertising on the most popular search engine of our time?

You are if...

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Creating an Ideal Customer Profile

Have you ever stopped to consider what your ideal customer did for breakfast this morning?


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How Google Rankings & Reviews Can Help Your Home Remodeling Business Take Off

Are you looking for ways to expand your home remodeling business? It can be a challenge to find new...

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The Number One Way To Grow Your Business in 2019

Here is a tool that will help you understand what your priorities should be and how to stay focused...

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Marketing Basics: How to be transparent.

The word paradigm shift is used way to often to describe more subtle adjustments in the course of...

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How to Define Success in your Business

If you’re like me you’ve probably read more books and posts about how to build a successful...

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4 steps that entrepreneurs need to keep a healthy business and a healthy family.

This one is a bit personal and that's ok, because I know so many entrepreneurs and business owners...

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