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I’m in the Quality Business

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Someone recently told me that they are in the Quality Business rather than the SEO Business. I love that! They are more focused on establishing a culture of quality in everything they do rather than just getting the job done, no matter the position or task. Quality is the active pursuit of exceeding both you and your customer’s expectations.

To be a leader in whatever industry you’re in, quality has to be one of the things that guides the way your business operates. You set the tone for your company culture. If you’re passionate about quality and achieving success through service excellence, your team will follow. You can begin to develop a culture of quality in your business through establishing clear values and a vision for your company.


The first step in developing a culture of quality at your company is identifying what the core values are. Living out your core values should be something that’s very important to your business and those working for you. They should determine how your team works together and their decision making process.


Why did you start your business? What was or is your vision for it? Your vision should inspire and ignite a passion for you and your team. Your vision is the feasible hopes and dreams you have for your business, and is the guiding factor to accomplish your goals.

Take time today to re-evaluate your company’s core values and vision. Do they inspire you or remind you of your dream when you started this company? If not it may be time to make some changes and join the Quality Business.

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