How to recruit quality labor

How to Recruit Quality Labor

When contractors find themselves in a home improvement boom like the one happening right now, it’s tempting to handle the extra work by using subcontractors. It’s a quick solution, but not always the best solution.

When your customer reviews, BBB ratings, certifications with manufacturers like James Hardie and more depend on precision installation and professional service, using subcontractors may do more harm than good.

There’s a better way to ensure superior quality in all your company does, and that’s finding and hiring top-notch staff that you can rely on.


Here’s How to Build a Trusted Team

See Your Staff as Valuable Assets

Do you see your employees as a resource? As an advantage that makes your business stand out against competitors? You should—because their performance can be the difference that helps your company survive when your competitors fall by the wayside.

Seeing your staff as an asset means letting go of the misconception that hiring W-2 employees is cost prohibitive. Yes, it can mean an investment in wages, benefits, and workman’s comprehension coverage. But doing so ensures you have professional, skilled, loyal team members who view their position with you as a career they care about, and who represent your business positively in the community.

Invest in Proper Training

One of the driving forces behind negative reviews is that customers feel they didn’t receive superb service. By thoroughly training your staff, you’ll be better able to build a team that collaborates well, provides top-notch services, and garners 5-star ratings from customers.

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Create Accountability

If you want to attract and retain top talent throughout your company, then it’s important to establish clear ways to evaluate their performance. Periodic training, reviews, and consistent, constructive feedback can help employees understand your expectations and rise to meet them.

Reward Great Performance

Top performers in every industry, including home improvement, like to be acknowledged and rewarded for their successes. So, create ways to encourage great performance, such as providing bonuses, saying thank-you, giving merit raises, and offering other forms of appreciation that employees find meaningful.

Well-structured bonus programs can be set up in many ways, and the goal is to reward teams that work smarter and faster. This not only encourages people to perform well, but also makes it more likely that you’ll hang onto your team members instead of losing them to competitors.

Successful Sales Begin with Strong Marketing Strategies

Maybe you weren’t ready for the COVID-19 boom in home improvement and building, but the actions you take today can prepare you to thrive during the inevitable slowdown in business that is likely to take place 8-12 months from now.

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