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How to Develop Brand Vision

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Having Brand Vision is seeing what you want your brand to become. It includes ideas like reputation, value, contribution, legacy, distinction, culture, and purpose.

When you start being intentional about what you want your brand to become, you start down a path toward the highest levels of growth and success. You are creating something that significantly improves the lives of the people inside and outside your organization.

Find Benchmarks

In your industry, who is currently leading the way? Who is experiencing the most economic and cultural (as in their organization’s culture) growth? Who is making the biggest humanitarian contributions? Who is winning top industry accolades?

You can also look outside your industry for Brand Vision inspiration.

  • What are the brands YOU love?
  • Why do you love them?
  • What do they do or say that you like?
  • Why do others love them?

Many times, business owners get discouraged when they see how far ahead other companies are. But you can decide to let them be an inspiration instead. You are just as capable and worthy of success as they are! So find 1 or 2 that have become a great brand and let them fuel your journey.

Get Vivid

Spend time connecting with your Brand Vision. Connect with your dream by visualizing it in great detail. Put yourself there. You walk in the front door of your business- what are people doing? How does it feel? What are customers, employees, and news headlines saying? And how is all of this affecting overall growth and success?

Write it Down

Take an hour and write it all out. Right now, this is for you, so don’t worry about formats or grammar. This is the passion and heart of your organization, and that trumps formalities. Later on we’ll work on how it presents to your team and others.

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