Creating a Brand Script

How To Build Your Story: Creating a Brand Script

We need to talk about something terrible that is going on in the business world, and in small businesses all over the country. What is this terrible thing? It’s the lack of a clear, compelling story!

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We need to talk about something terrible that is going on in the business world, and in small businesses all over the country. What is this terrible thing? It’s the lack of a clear, compelling story! We are all living a story; every part of your life is a story. All of your customers have a story; it’s a normal part of our existence on the planet. But businesses who are not telling a story, who are not creating a story and who are not entering into the story of their customers’ lives, are missing the perfect opportunity to help address their needs and guide them through their journey. At the end of the day, it’s all about the story that we’re living. So I want to talk to you for a minute about how to create a clear, compelling story that attracts more customers to your business.

Why is it important to have a clear story? First of all, your whole team is supposedly doing something and you are leading them somewhere. There is some mountain to be climbed. There is some goal to be reached, and that’s a story. So hopefully as a business leader, you have a clear and compelling story because your team is leaning into that and this is their mission. So internally as a company, your team is all a part of this big story.

Secondly, it’s also a critically important piece of the puzzle for your customers. Everybody is on a mission. Everybody’s trying to go somewhere and trying to accomplish something. All of your customers have busy lives and the only reason that you have any importance to them is that you are somehow a part of their story. You are going to help them achieve what they are trying to go after. Without a clear, compelling story for your clients and your customers, you won’t really matter to them. Stories speak to your team, your customers and ultimately to the livelihood of your entire company. So let’s take a minute to walk through the key elements of your brand or your company’s story.

Who Is Your Customer?

The first thing you have to do is understand who your customer is. In previous blogs, we have talked about the ideal customer profile. We’ve talked about personas, and all of that is unpacking and understanding what it is that your ideal customer wants. What are they going after? What is important to them? What does success look like in their day?

What Are Your Customer’s Pain Points?

The second thing you need to know regarding your customer is what are their challenges: the pain points. What is keeping them from getting what they want? There is something that’s irritating them, that’s causing pain. Does your company, your marketing and sales team, truly understand what those pain points are, and do they clearly communicate them in a compelling way?

What Is Your Position?

The third element of your story is your company position. Who are you and why are you different and more valuable than the other options out there. Does your company care and have an interest in really, truly serving your clients and your customers? Do you have the expertise? Do you have the experience? Do you have what it takes to actually help them get where it is that they want to go?

Develop a Plan Of Action

The next part of your story is that you need to think about an overall plan of action. How are you going to help your customers get from point A to point B in really simple terms? What does this process look like? Forget 27 steps! Customers are just looking for a basic plan. So how does this play out? What is it going to be like to work with you? If you answer those questions, then you are strengthening your bond with them and will encourage them to become a customer with you.

Develop a Call-To-Action

The next thing that’s important with a business and their story is what we call a call-to-action. What is the very first step that a prospect needs to take in order to do business with you? Are you making it really clear? Tell them what they need to do and make it easy for them to take that first action.

Describe Success And Failure

The next thing you need to do is make sure that you describe success and failure. What does life look like for your prospect after they have hired you and they have used your products and services? What is that? Consider the hole and the drill analogy. If you go to the hardware store and buy a drill, it’s not because you want the drill in and of itself, it’s because you are trying to get a hole. You want a hole and the drill is just a means to an end.

If your company and your products and services are just a means to an end for your client or your prospect, then what is that end for them? What do they really want at the end of the day? When they lay their head down on their pillow at night, what did you do for their lives?

The last piece of our story is failure. What’s at risk and what’s at stake. What really matters? Why does this matter? What could go wrong? It’s important that you establish this at the beginning.


We call this entire process a brand script or your brand messaging. It is so important for not only your team to understand, but also for your clients, your customers, and your prospects to know your brand story. Ironically, when we say your brand story, a lot of businesses think that it’s about them. The funny thing is, it’s actually not about them. The brand story is about your customer and how you are simply helping your customer get where they’re trying to go.

At StructureM we love brand messaging! Our owner, Will Watrous, is a StoryBrand certified guide, and he has helped hundreds of companies develop really clear messaging that sets them apart in the marketplace and helps them establish a faster and easier connection with their prospects. So if you have any questions, just give a call. We’d be happy to talk with you!

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