How to attract larger scale projects

How to Attract Larger-Scale Projects

A common question we get at StructureM is about how to attract larger clients and jobs. Check out this video to learn 3 steps to get you headed in the right direction.


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Read below for the video transcription. 

So I wanted to jump in with the second question and that is how to attract larger-scale jobs. And I wanted to give three things that, that we see will help you accomplish this.

The first one is to instill confidence by showcasing your experience and your capability in this area. If you want to attract larger-scale jobs, and you’ve been able to get one or two of those, that is what you want to promote. And there are different ways you can do that. You can build case studies or featured projects around those really showcasing we’ve done this project and here’s where it came from. Here’s what we were able to do. Here’s the results. And here’s what the homeowner or the company had to say about it. You know, building a feature project that you can promote. And your sales process and marketing process is key, and then building your reviews and your testimonials around these larger scale jobs is going to be important.

It’s all about instilling the confidence that they know that you are the right person to handle, larger-scale jobs. And so building that portfolio.

The second one is to offer and promote financing. All too often, we don’t see a contractor is offering financing, or if they do, it’s like it’s an afterthought. It’s only something that only if the client or the lead asks about, but it’s important that for every job that you do, you offer financing and you promote it, you promote it in your website, you promote it in your ads. It can become an advantage of your company over another company. And so I know James Hardie has some great partnerships with some financing companies and recommend that financing becomes a core part of your marketing, your sales process.

The third thing is to differentiate yourself, differentiate yourself from the competition from everybody else.

What is unique about you? What value do you provide to that client? So they want to choose you. You know, it’s so easy to blend in and we see this all too often with contractors where they use that blah, blah, blah language. We often call it in marketing. You know, we’re BBB accredited, we value honesty and, and service. We have top quality products and it’s like, everyone says that, you know, as a homeowner, there’s no way to differentiate anybody from anybody. And so then it comes down to price and you don’t want to compete on, on price.

So finding a way to make yourself stand out and unique, but differentiating yourself, asking you and your team and everyone in your company, that’s these questions. What makes you different from your competitors?

What makes you better than your competitors? And what value do you provide that others don’t, asking those hard questions. And we’re going to give you a resource at the end here that really helps you unpack this and discover this for yourself. But when you are able to differentiate yourself and then promote that differentiated differentiation on your marketing, this is the second step to that. But then you start getting things like, I’m going to give you some examples. You know, we send you daily video updates. So you always know what’s going on in your job. Not everyone does that. That’s something unique. Um, we will never sell you things that you don’t need. That’s getting closer. We hear that a lot, but again, showcasing, why is that a value to the homeowner.

Manufacturers use assets as examples of other contractors to follow. Wow, that stands out. You know, when you can say that the supplier uses you as is that example, that helps you stand out. So, we’ll give you the resource and it’s a great way for you to be able to discover how you can differentiate yourself from the competition.

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