How to accurately track your leads

How to Accurately Track Your Leads

Too often we see clients that either don’t have lead tracking in place or don’t accurately track the journey of those leads if they do. Watch the video to learn on how you can more accurately track where your leads come from.


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Read below for the video transcription. 

How to accurately track conversions. I was so excited about this question because it’s my soap box when it comes to contractors. So often I don’t see this done very well. Uh, and so, and it can be very intimidating. And so the two big steps I see when it comes to accurately tracking conversions, one is to get accurate tracking software that you need to be able to accurately track and report. It’s what leaders coming from, what source, where do they touch? And so you get the, information that you need to be able to do this.

And then the second part is to get the information out, which is closing the loop and actually getting an ROI on your different marketing channels. And so let’s, let’s jump into those. So the first one is getting the information is having accurate tracking and reporting.

Too often, we see that when, especially when it comes to paid ads, you’ll get a report that says you got five leads from these ads that don’t tell you what leads. It’s just five, you’ve got three phone calls and two web forms, and they give you a fantastic looking numbers saying, you know, your cost per lead is X, but they don’t tell you which leads came from which, and so ensuring that whoever is providing those marketing services, whether it be paid ads, whether it be Facebook ads, whatever the case is, they’re giving you the actual lead data tracking is, is going to be essential to that. You know, we have a piece of software that we use for all of our contractors. It’s called CallRail. We can throw that in the chat and phone calls.

And it really allows you to see from a phone call, a web form, whatever the case, where they’ve got, where they have come in in the chain, did they come from a Facebook ad? Did they come from Google, organic search? Did they come from Yelp? And it shows you the actual data. So when it comes to the phone calls, it gives you a recording of the call. So you can listen to it. It tells you what the phone number was.

If that phone number is associated with a name, how long that phone call was, and you can then attribute that call to that lead. And then the same thing on the web form tells you the name, the address that person used on the form, where they came from, again, giving you the actuals. And so tracking and reporting in that way, and having someone X call rail or the company that’s providing the service, give you those actuals is crucial for you to be able to now to take that second step.

And this is often what we see when it comes to the second step, right? When you have a phone call or you’re talking to a prospect or a customer, and you ask that golden question, how you hear about us and you get typical responses. Uh, I found you on Google, or we found you on the internet, oh, that’s a big and scary place. And that doesn’t help you.

So helping train your team to mine further down that information, using that data, that tracking reporting to close the loops and be able to associate each lead with the source that they came from is crucial. And so that’s kind of the output here. With somebody on your team actually going back and closing the loop, because sometimes that loop is fairly long, depending on your industry, but for siding, it could be weeks, days, and months later where they actually become a sale from when they first, uh, became a lead to the sale.

So it’s going to take somebody to come back and close that loop and actually calculate return on investment was the amount of money that you put in, uh, to that, that source, whether it be, you know, for example, Google lead at Google ads or Facebook ads or Yelp advertising, or, or SEO was that money more or less, than the value that you got from those customers. And when you’re able to calculate those, you’re able to make such better decisions about how do I adjust those? Do I stop those? Do I do those more? Um, and so closing the loop on our return on investment is essential for someone on your team to do on a regular basis.

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