How google rankings and reviews can help you

How Google Rankings & Reviews Can Help Your Home Remodeling Business Take Off

Are you looking for ways to expand your home remodeling business? It can be a challenge to find new leads and clients online. You can update your website, but what good will that do if no one can find it? Chances are, there are scores of potential leads in your area who are looking for a great contractor like you. But how can you get their attention?

If you’re interested in growing your business, you may be searching for opportunities in your home remodeling business’s marketing strategy. One way to get your company noticed is by getting great online reviews to boost your Google ranking.

Search Engine Optimization

There’s a whole algorithm for the order in which Google presents search results. For example, if you were to search “home remodeling” and the name of your city, Google has created a system to provide the best, most relevant local solutions for your search, by giving each company a Google ranking.

Why is your Google ranking important to your business? The closer your ranking is to #1, the more likely it is that leads who are searching for home remodeling will contact you for a quote or more information. In fact, for any given search, the top 5 Google search results get over 75% of the clicks.

You can’t pay for a better Google ranking: it’s something you have to develop over time. And you want to boost your Google ranking however you can so you can get noticed whenever someone begins their search for top home remodelers in your area.

Your Home Remodeler Google Ranking

Google is always looking for the newest, most accurate information for every search, so the more information you provide them (and the more consistently you update the information), the better your ranking will be.

  • Complete your information: You should give Google as much information about your company as you can. This means verifying your company’s location and your updated website, phone number, and address, along with pictures and your hours of business. The more information you submit, the easier it is for Google to match a lead’s search with your business.
  • Edit and update: If your company’s information changes at all, you should update your business’s Google profile to reflect that new information.

If a phone number or a link is not current, that will negatively impact your Google ranking since the information is not helpful or relevant to someone seeking a home remodeler.

Also, Google is a great place to post photos with current before and after photos, and share information about specials and promotions you are running.

This updated information not only catches the attention of future clients (and provides them with stunning details of your work!), but it also shows Google that your information is as up-to-date as it can be, boosting your Google ranking.

  • Encourage Your Clients to Leave Google Reviews: You can set up a direct link for reviews to provide your clients so they can leave their thoughts about your company. Making it easy for them to leave a review means more reviews for you, and each one you receive helps raise your Google ranking.

Google Reviews and Your Home Remodeling Business

Google reviews are one of the best ways to boost your Google ranking. These reviews are the best way for your leads to suss out the most professional home remodeler for their next job based on the actual experience of past clients, which is why they affect your Google ranking so much.

You should encourage your clients to review your company because:

  • Google reviews make your business look as trustworthy as it really is
  • Your reviews show off your commitment to your customers
  • Each review boosts your Google ranking, getting you noticed by more potential leads

Hiring a contractor can be a stressful undertaking; it’s an expensive endeavor where your prospective client is inviting a stranger into their home to improve how it looks and feels. Reviews are a way to put your leads at ease; it gives them a better idea of what it will be like to work with your company.

Responding to Contractor Reviews

Chances are you are doing great work, and negative reviews won’t happen very often, but we all know that occasionally, you may come across an impossible-to-please client.

Even if a customer leaves a Google review that is not entirely perfect, have no fear! This is actually a great opportunity for several reasons:

First, it gives your company a way to improve if someone was unsatisfied with the work you did on their siding or kitchen. You gain insight into your client’s point of view, which shows you how your home remodeling company can get even better.

Second, many prospective clients will appreciate seeing how you respond to a poor review. When you thoughtfully reply to a negative review, it shows leads that you take initiative to ensure your clients are thrilled with the outcome of their home renovations. In fact, even negative reviews have a 67% conversion rate for new business — they prove that your home renovation work isn’t “too good to be true.”

Third, replying to Google reviews actually boosts your Google ranking! Not only does your ranking improve each time you get a review, but it also improves when you take the time to respond, too!

There are ways you can get more online customer reviews and successfully manage them.You deserve to have time to dedicate to the things that matter most in your contracting business. Our experienced team works with hundreds of companies to grow their business so they can focus on their own projects.

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