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Google is Limiting Your Options

41% of Google clicks go to the top paid ads on search results. Watch this video below to learn more about this statistic and why we recommend doing Paid Digital Advertising.

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Read below for the video transcription.

We always recommend to do paid because you can get some relatively quick results, you know, SEO content, those kind of things are great, fantastic, longer-term, but they take time to get going.

You’ve also got some good control about how much to put in when to pause. You can track these really well, which is always a good thing. And then for a big part of this, unfortunately, it’s no longer really an option. And what I’m talking about is Google, Google paid.

Now, Google is really reducing your choice to participate here. In fact, this is just a statistic that’s a little bit outdated, but 41% of Google clicks go to the top paid results on search. And so you can see this as a, it’s just a, an example of a typical search results. And you’ve done this thousands of times where you’ve slowly and surely seen this happening more and more and more. Google is in the paid digital space. That’s where they make 97% of their revenues from advertising. And so slowly but surely they are continuing to push those free listings down instead of paid.

So this is really not becoming an option anymore, where a lot of contractors used to be like a choice where if you really wanted to do paid, if you want to be found on Google you’re going to have to pay. In addition, actually, a new thing that’s started a few years ago is Google local service ads or Google guarantee.

Ads are now being laid on top of this as well. So this is a little bit outdated. If you do a local search for siding contractor, starting installation now above paid, you get another paid option that has the three. And we’ll talk about that in a minute. And so what’s happening is, again, just further, further down, down the page, you have to scroll and in fact, you have to scroll to even find any kind of paid at free. I should say, listing. So Google paid is definitely what we recommend.

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