Give someone a shot

Give someone a shot and you’ll both win.

My son made his first basketball goal during his playoff game last night. It wasn’t a feat of incredible athletic ability (he’s only 10) or a nail-biting buzzer-beater. He waited at mid-court and raced to the goal when we got possession of the ball and set up for an easy score off a long pass. Nothing special right? Except that this happened twenty times give or take a few last night, and not only to my son, but another kid on the team.

It was a heartwarming display of sportsmanship that showed me that this generation isn’t lost, if WE decide to teach them. You see, my son had surgery nearly a month and a half before this game and wasn’t able to play for nearly half of the regular season. It was also his first season playing roundball, so let’s just say that he was no Lebron James! With a playoff game on the line, these kids (with some help from their awesome coaches) gave the benchers a chance to help the team win. They seemed to enjoy every minute of it too, as they chanted my son and his teammate’s name after the few goals that they made.

As he went to bed that night I asked him how he felt and he said, “A little embarrassed, but good. I have some really good friends”, with a big smile on his face.

As consultants, we struggle with helping everyone we can because it’s our calling, but we also understand the reality that winning financially is important too. All too often we’ll spend time seeking those who are successful but still need help filling the holes in their marketing strategy. We’ve also likely all been disappointed when someone we’re helping doesn’t appreciate or understand the importance of what we’re trying to do for them and the real effect it can have on their business.

Sometimes we need to stop trying to help those who don’t want to listen or engage fully and pick someone that’s on the bench.

“Find someone who really needs a shot because if they make it (or even if they don’t), you’ll both win.”

Note – When I see my boy reading a book like Seth Godin’sYour Turn before bed I know he’s going to be a winner no matter what.

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