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Generate Traffic with These 5 Ideas for Your Next Remodeling Contractor Blog

You know creating new blog posts is important for keeping readers engaged, improving your SEO, and establishing your credibility as a remodeling contractor, but what happens when you run out of fresh ideas?

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut when you have to put out a new post every week. Or maybe you sit down at the beginning of the year to create your content calendar for the next several months, only to find yourself staring blankly at the wall feeling uninspired. It’s a tough spot to be in, but those articles aren’t going to write themselves!

At times like these, often all you need are a few hints to get the ideas started. Here are some proven blog post ideas that any home remodeler can use to inspire their next batch of incredible blog posts!

Answer Questions

You’re used to answering client questions, so why not do so in a blog post? You’ve probably heard the same questions for years and have the perfect rehearsed answers for them. Make a list of the most common questions you receive and craft a blog post around each one. Expand on your usual answers to flesh out a topic, or address two related questions together to cover all of the details.

Blogs inspired by questions are very effective because many people will search for information on the internet before they ask their contractor so you know this is information people are looking for and will read. They’ll appreciate that the answer is available and thoroughly explained on your blog.

Teach Skills

Sure, you’re the professional, but we promise you won’t lose business by sharing some of your trade secrets. In fact, sharing tips and ideas for home improvement projects will only prove your home remodeling expertise.

What home remodeling projects have you done for clients that many people could do themselves if so inclined? What basic skills got you interested in home remodeling? What projects have you seen people fail at because they didn’t have good instructions? What knowledge will help homeowners work with their contractors better? All of these could be your inspiration for your next viral blog post!

When a DIY-er is looking for a how-to for their latest project, they’re looking for someone they can trust. Sharing your knowledge of how to do a simple repair or building project connects you with other remodeling enthusiasts who return again and again to see what you have to say on subjects they’re interested in. And when they need the expert to do a job for them, they know who to turn to.

Explain Your Process

Not everyone knows how the home remodeling process works. As a home remodeler, you have insider knowledge that many people will be interested to read about as they contemplate a major renovation project or just out of curiosity.

Break down your process and brainstorm blog topics for each step. Even something that sounds familiar to you may be new to the average person. Write a post about how to make a certain decision, how you make plans, how permits are obtained, and how to build any of the many projects you specialize in.

You can write these posts from a generic point of view or personalize them to describe how you do things. The latter will give your blog more personality and give potential clients an inside look at how you operate (and why you’re the best choice!).

Prevent Problems

If there’s one thing blog readers appreciate more than how-tos, it’s what-not-to-dos. Someone looking for guidance on how to make the most of a home remodel is always on the lookout for common pitfalls to avoid in the process.

As an expert home remodeler, no one is more qualified than you to issue warnings to help readers avoid common mistakes and oversights. Think about inconveniences and errors you’ve seen in the construction business and write blog posts about what homeowners can do to avoid or prevent them. You’ll earn their trust and prove that you know how to do a home remodel right when they’re in the market for a contractor.

Make Comparisons

A common question people bring to the internet is “Which — is better?” Home renovations require a lot of decisions, and people want guidance. They want to know which floor material is best for kitchens, which paint lasts longest, and what’s the difference between types of wood.

Make a list of common remodeling decisions homeowners need to make and write a blog post for each one. Explain their options, give pros and cons, and offer your professional opinion. You’ll be taking the pressure off your readers and demonstrating your expertise.

Remodeling contractors’ blogs have a great deal of opportunity for compelling blog posts that allow you to use important keywords for SEO and build your brand. All you need is some inspiration. The next time you have writer’s block, try one of these ideas to spark ideas for new posts to keep your content fresh all year long.

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