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The Why and How of Boosting Facebook Posts

Social media promotion is a moving target. It’s easy to make a great, engaging post and share it on Facebook. It might even be possible to create momentum with a series of posts, but sadly, the algorithms that Facebook uses don’t treat all posts alike. Chances are, only a fraction of your followers will see any of your posts, and no one outside your circle of followers will see any of them.

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Email Lists: Your #1 Communication Tool

What’s your most powerful business asset? The answer might surprise you!

At StructureM, we...

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Core Service Pages – Your Avenue For Better Performing Websites and Happier Customers

Let’s face it, a home remodel, addition or major improvement project like a roof or new windows...

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How to fully utilize Google My Business

Are you missing out on FREE advertising on the most popular search engine of our time?

You are...

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Creating an Ideal Customer Profile

Have you ever stopped to consider what your ideal customer did for breakfast this morning?


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Google Analytics: Taking Your Website Data for a Test Drive

Is your website generating leads that go on to become your best clients?These days, a...

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Google Analytics: How to Set-Up One of the Most Valuable Tools in Your Digital Toolbox

Is your website working for you? If you can’t answer with an enthusiastic “yes!” we need to talk.

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Marketing Basics: How to be transparent.

The word paradigm shift is used way to often to describe more subtle adjustments in the course...

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How to Define Success in your Business

If you’re like me you’ve probably read more books and posts about how to build a successful...

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4 steps that entrepreneurs need to keep a healthy business and a healthy family.

This one is a bit personal and that's ok, because I know so many entrepreneurs and business...

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