In 2010 we began helping small local businesses grow by building websites, performing search engine optimization, and managing social media and Pay Per Click campaigns.

During this time, we met some amazing people who are using their businesses to do incredible things in their communities and beyond. That inspired us to think bigger about how we could help.

As we grew and started serving more and more local businesses it became clear that many of the obstacles that they faced were the same.

There was a lack of structure, strategy, and knowledge around marketing in a digital world for local businesses and it was keeping them from reaching their potential.

We found that most local businesses didn’t have the fundamental building blocks in place to market their business effectively.

That’s when we decided to launch StructureM and focus on the fundamentals of marketing for local businesses.

As our clients began to see significant growth and told others about their success, it has enabled us to grow along with them.

Today, we’re dedicated to helping good people grow their local businesses by focusing on doing the most important marketing the right way.

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