Are we a good fit for you?

At StructureM, we help business owners, marketing directors, or brands frustrated with stagnant, slow, or declining growth that results from not having a clear and comprehensive marketing strategy built for growing local businesses.


  • Local Service-Based Companies
  • Brands that serve or support Local Service-Based Companies

Beliefs & Values:

Organizations who believe that helping people grow and succeed with the products and services they offer is the core purpose of their business.


Businesses who have already experienced some success because of their value, quality of work, etc.


They want to integrate their story, beliefs, values, and desire to impact into their business.

What you should expect from us

We promise to work as hard as we can so that:

  • You and your organization will experience growth
  • More Leads
  • Better Customers
  • Maximum Return On Investment
  • You will value how we invest in our relationship
  • High Level of communication
  • Proactive Management
  • Loyalty, Integrity, and Trust
  • We will provide you with great service
  • Responsiveness to requests
  • Accountability on both sides
  • Timeline and Promises that are kept

What we expect of you.

We don’t do one-off marketing projects or one-time campaigns. We do marketing that works and that means a long term approach to marketing. Everything we do, we do because our structured system works. This requires that our clients fully understand and invest in the marketing plans we design. We’re both making a commitment and that should be respected on both sides.


If there is an opportunity, a problem, or you just want to talk shop, call us. You are why we’re here.


There are some things that only you can provide to get the job done, and we’ll need them to get that job done on time.


We promise to listen first, if you promise to listen second.


We’re not perfect, but we always strive to do our best. If you’ll work with us to understand the problem, we’ll do everything we can to make it right.


Our approach isn’t quick, it isn’t easy, but it works. If you believe in the process, we’ll make the process will work for you.

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