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Better Way to Grow

It's frustrating...

…when you’ve tried a dozen different ways to consistently grow revenue but still fall short of your goals.

You have good people, offer high-quality products and services, and you’ve even built decent systems and processes into your business.

But too often you deal with “feast or famine” lead flow, or you don’t feel confident about what’s really happening with sales.

You know that it’s going to take something different to break through to the next level of growth.

We have good news for you.

There’s a better way to do marketing & sales.

For the past 10 years, we’ve helped over 200 business owners and marketing managers stop wasting time and money on marketing, and instead, increase revenue 15-50% per year.

Our Big "Why"...

Ever wonder how StructureM got started and the core values that have propelled us to success? Check out this short video from our founder, Will Watrous, to discover the purpose behind StructureM and how our company came to be.


StructureM Team

Smart, hard-working people who are passionate about helping you grow your company.

Anna headshot

Anna Bryant​

Social Media Specialist​
Augila Tode Profile

Augila Tode

Director of Operations & Franchise Lead
Bruce Dell

Bruce Dell

Chris Swift Profile

Chris Swift

Account Strategist

Corinne Quinones

Account Strategist
Danielle Profile

Danielle Finley

Account Strategist

David Steinberg

Project Manager & Account Strategist
Della Peasel Profile

Della Peasel

Account Strategist Lead & Project Manager

Ember Moody-Louma

Account Strategist

Emily Rennison

Website Developer & SEO Specialist

Greyson Dietz

Paid Advertising Manager
Hilary Witter Profile

Hilary Witter

Account Strategist
Holly Profile

Holly Alvidrez

Director of Sales & Marketing

Jayme Kilpatrick

Jessica Profile

Jessica Alvidrez

Account Strategist

Nathan Zimmer

Website Developer & SEO Manager
Olivia Cumberland

Olivia Harvey

Content Manager

Priscilla Sula-Lattier

Account Strategist
Ronda Swords

Ronda Swords

Paid Advertising Specialist

Shelby Kiekover

Paid Advertising Specialist

Ysabella Kloosterman

Web Developer & SEO Specialist
David Gullotti Profile

David Gullotti

Business Scaling Coach